Hyatt International Hotels
Anne Geiermann — VP Brand Development

"DeSallesFlint has been designing several projects in development for Hyatt Hotels International. Their unique approach and beautifully considered design truly enhance the guest experience we look for in all our hotels"


Four Pillars Tortworth Hotel
Charles Holmes — Chief Executive

"From the outset of discussing this project DeSallesFlint, they comprehended our thoughts and came back to us with a scheme that required little alteration. Their flair and creativity has drawn an enormous amount of positive comment from existing and potential customers alike. We look forward to working with them in the future."

Puro Hotel Gdansk
Rune Askervold — Managing Director

"DeSallesFlint's research, knowledge and focus on storytelling has captured the spirit of our Puro Hotel in Gdansk, we are really delighted with the way it is looking."


Four Pillars Oxford Thames Hotel
Suzanne Bush — Group Project Director

"We could not be happier with DeSallesFlint's design for our new guest rooms at Oxford Thames. It fits beautifully with our historic hotel yet feels contemporary. The rooms have been a great success, I especially love them because they came in under budget!"

Abbott & Boyd
Mark Abbott — Owner

"We are absolutely delighted with the new Abbott & Boyd showroom designed by DeSallesFlint. Their care and professionalism made the experience, from our perspective, extremely enjoyable and the end result has surpassed our expectations."


Buro 4 Headquarters
Steve Hollingbury

"Creativity and great ideas do not have to come with a big price tag. The guys at DeSallesFlint breathe creativity, delivery great design with cost effective solutions, which for us was pivotal in the success of our relocation to Islington"